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Land Appraisal in Edmonton, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Whitehorse, & More

Do you have a large tract of land that you want to know the true value of but have no idea where to start? We can help! The team at Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal Consultants Ltd. uses modern technology to help your land appraisal project in St. Albert, Edmonton, Whitehorse, and other northern and central Alberta and Yukon communities. We ensure that the appraisal work goes efficiently, smoothly, and cost-effectively. Our services are used by vendors, purchasers, financial institutions, and more. We have bountiful experience working with different types of properties. 

We can assist with types of land such as agricultural areas, vacant lands, and long-term development lands. For more details and for answers to questions you may have, please give us a call. We provide land appraisal services to Edmonton, St. Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, and many other areas in northern and central Alberta and the Yukon

What Is a Land Appraisal? 

Whether you have a piece of raw land that you want to put to its best use or are planning to sell the land but don’t know how to evaluate its actual cost, all of these matters can be solved by getting your land appraised by professional appraisers. A land appraisal is a process of determining the market value of a piece of land by surveying multiple factors, including the size, topography, location, improvements, utilities, zoning restrictions, accessibility, competitive land rates, and more. It can also help the owner decide whether it would yield the best possible return on investment by putting it to residential use or commercial. 


When you choose us as your land appraisal consultants in Edmonton, you can expect us to appraise your land by following the steps mentioned below:

Based on our discussions with you, we will schedule an inspection to assess your land’s features and determine its strengths and weaknesses.

We will use comparable sales as a method to develop an evaluation.

If no similar lands have been sold in your area, we can use the income or cost approach to come to a valuation.

Once the survey has been completed, we will share a detailed report with you, mentioning your land’s value and other essential findings.

Have questions? Please contact us, and our friendly staff will be more than glad to answer any questions you may have.

What Are the Benefits of a Land Appraisal?

A land appraisal comes with many benefits that can save you from making a financial mistake. Some of these benefits include:

Most lenders require you to present an appraisal report before getting your financing approved.

A land appraisal can guide you toward the best use of your land, helping you make a sound investment.

If you wish to insure your investment, you will need an appraisal to confirm your land’s value.

Evaluating your land can help you draft an Estate Plan to ascertain the future of your investment.

A land appraisal will give you a fair idea of your land’s value, allowing you to challenge high property tax assessments.

Apart from land appraisals in Edmonton and surrounding areas, we also perform appraisals for residential and commercial units and special purpose properties like resorts, schools, gravel pits, and more. Simply call us to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to help.


Want to Know the Right Value of Your Land?

Let our consultants help you with professional land appraisals in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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