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Home Appraisals in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas


At Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal Consultant Ltd, we provide reliable and hassle-free home appraisals in Edmonton and the surrounding areas in Alberta. Our comprehensive home appraisals will give you a complete picture and understanding of a property's value on the market. This can help money lenders, property buyers, developers, and sellers make informed decisions. With our support, you can tackle issues that affect your property transaction, such as taxation and marital issues.

We have years of experience conducting property appraisals in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. In the past, we've worked on countless properties, which include homes, commercial spaces, municipalities, and more.


Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the area's properties, general trends, and economic factors. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our services or make an appointment with us.        


Our Services


Our services include:

     Mortgage financing

​     Property ownership: fee simple, condos, and strata

     Speculative appraisals for a new property development


Please contact us if you require a particular service related to home appraisals in Edmonton but are unsure if we can help.

Our Service Area


Our service area covers Northern and Central Alberta:

   Spruce Grove
   Stony Plain
   Sherwood Park
   St. Albert
   Fort Saskatchewan



What is Home Appraisal?

A property appraisal is an independent, third-party-based, unbiased assessment of the property’s fair market value. People often tend to mix the sale value of a house with market value. Edmonton’s home appraisal depends on various factors such as size, age, condition, features, and amenities of the house and property. A fair market value of your property can influence your real estate transaction or the amount you can secure by mortgaging your property and buying a house.

Benefits of Getting a Home Appraisal


Getting a home appraisal before selling or buying a home is always important. Also, if you are a lender, you should get a property you keep as collateral for the money you lend.


Getting a home appraisal if you are a buyer is recommended, as it brings out all the good and bad contingencies involved in buying the property. Hence, you can always back out of the sale if there are major trouble areas. This also applies if the home’s appraisal is much higher or lower than the pre-agreed sale price.


The bottom line is that a home appraisal can help you sell or buy a property at its appropriate value.

If you are a lender, an appraisal is recommended to ensure that the borrower is not over-borrowing when refinancing or purchasing a property. The appraisal will help to determine how much you should lend based on the mortgage.


Get an effortless home appraisal in Edmonton with our experienced team. To know more, call us today.

Factors That Increase a Home's Market Value


The value of a home on the market depends on countless factors. Some of these include:

Location: The physical features of a home can depreciate with time. However, this doesn't affect the value of the land it is built on. The location of the land can impact the value of the home significantly. For instance, buyers prefer homes close to offices, restaurants, and good schools.

Supply and demand: The law of supply and demand also applies to a home's market value. A home's value will increase if there is a boost in demand and a supply shortage and vice versa.

Real estate comps: Real estate comps refer to the comparable properties near your home. These can be properties with the same age, materials, square footage, and condition as your home. If the price of these properties rises, your home's value will also increase.

The physical condition of your home: As we've mentioned above, the physical characteristics of a home can decrease in value with time. A home with well-maintained features, such as a solid foundation, roof, and plumbing system, will be priced high on the market.

Upgrades: Remodelling and restructuring can increase a home's value in the market if they enhance its functionality. With a remodel, you can add more modern features to your home. 

There are numerous other considerations when it comes to a home's value. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more. Besides this, we can help you with industrial and commercial appraisals.

When to Call Us for Home Appraisals in Edmonton


Our consultants are experienced and well-versed in Edmonton’s real estate market. They’re also the preferred choice for appraisal consultants around the area. The types of residential properties Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal Consultants Ltd evaluate include:

Single-family detached home

Duplex, triplexes, and fourplexes

Semi-detached homes


Condos and apartments

Easy Home Appraisals in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Want to know the residential appraisal of a house? We’ll get it done.

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